Group Name Attribute

Group attribute name used to uniquely identify group and its results within results structure. This attribute is a dot separated string, there is every dot represents a next level in hierarchy. This string is split into path items using dot character and converted into nested hierarchy of dictionaries and/or lists.

Consider a group with this name attribute value:

<group name="interfaces.vlan.L3.vrf-enabled">
interface {{ interface }}
  description {{ description }}
  ip address {{ ip }}/{{ mask }}
  vrf {{ vrf }}

If below data parsed with that template:

interface Vlan777
  description Management
  ip address
  vrf MGMT

This result will be produced:

        "interfaces": {
            "vlan": {
                "L3": {
                    "vrf-enabled": {
                        "description": "Management",
                        "interface": "Vlan777",
                        "ip": "",
                        "mask": "24",
                        "vrf": "MGMT"

Name attribute allows to from arbitrary (from practical perspective) depth structure in deterministic fashion, enabling further programmatic consumption of produced results.