Match Variables

Match variables are used as names (keys) for information (values) that needs to be extracted from text data. You can declare a match variable by naming it within double curly brackets, {{ and }}. For instance:

<group name="interfaces">
interface {{ interface }}
 switchport trunk allowed vlan add {{ trunk_vlans }}

The match variables interface and trunk_vlans will store matching values extracted from this sample data:

interface GigabitEthernet3/4
 switchport trunk allowed vlan add 771,893
interface GigabitEthernet3/5
 switchport trunk allowed vlan add 138,166-173

After parsing, TTP will produce this result:

        "interfaces": {
            "interface": "GigabitEthernet3/4",
            "trunk_vlans": "771,893"
            "interface": "GigabitEthernet3/5",
            "trunk_vlans": "138,166-173"

You can also combine match variables with indicators, functions, and/or regular expression patterns. These help define the way your data is parsed, processed and structured - especially when combined with groups.

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