There are a number of attributes that outputs system can use. Some attributes can be specific to output itself (name, description), others can be used by formatters or returners.

Name Description
name name of the output, can be referenced in group output attribute
description attribute to contain description of outputter
load name of the loader to use to load output tag text
returner returner to use to return data e.g. self, file, terminal
format formatter to use to format results



Name of the output, optional attribute, can be used to reference it in groups output attribute, in that case that output will become group specific and will only process results for this group.



descrition_string, optional string that contains output description or notes, can serve documentation purposes.



Name of the loader to use to render supplied output tag text data, default is python.

Supported loaders:

  • python - uses python exec method to load data structured in native Python formats
  • yaml - relies on PyYAML to load YAML structured data
  • json - used to load JSON formatted variables data
  • ini - configparser Python standard module used to read variables from ini structured file
  • csv - csv formatted data loaded with Python csv standard library module



Name of the returner to use to return results.



Name of the formatter to use to format results.